Our Mission

To become the most preferred technology partner for business establishments.

Our Vision for 2020

To be amongst the 20 most admired technology brand in MENA region.

Our Purpose

To help organizations digitally transform their business and maximize productivity by offering innovative and leading business solutions.

Helping Brands to Achieve Success

As a mid-size boutique IT Company, Blurose Technologies blends ingredients of start-ups (Personalized service, lean organization, full throttle Innovation & Nimbleness) with best characteristics of large companies (Sustenance, Scale, Investment, Excellence & Brand) to deliver best overall value.


An expert understanding of local context, ethical procurement and contracting, and a commitment to high quality work. Through our project delivery we fulfil our mission to build local skills and capacity by investing in sustained and equitable relationships with local partners.


It’s important that you find ways to measure what’s working and what isn’t. The more involved you stay in your team’s activities, the more likely you are to be able to pinpoint problems early so you can address them and move on.By working hard to keep everyone within an organization on track to reach goals.


Since our beginnings in early 2016 we have been investing in our own ideas, which, in some cases, turn into standalone ventures. This approach brings us even closer to the perspective of our clients and lets us see a lot of problems of technology companies and products from a different point of view.


We help enterprises approach things from the needs of the user and turn complex processes into simple and consumer relatable solutions. We feel that the people who do the work, are the ones who should talk to the client directly. This keeps our process agile and collaborative.


Proper positioning helps to carry out the necessary dialogue with the potential consumer, raise brand awareness, and moreover, to form new markets and needs. We know how to identify the target audience, increase it, form a trusting relationship and formulate the right proposals.


We strongly believe that simple automated monitoring can not be used as a decision-making tool. We select the most appropriate tools but it is the eye and the analysis of our team that makes the unique value of our offer.